Hi!  I’m Megan, the voice and taste buds behind nutmeg.


My love affair with food started before I could even reach the counter, much less our trusty stand mixer.  My beautiful mother is a fabulous home cook and her passion for feeding us meals cooked with love created the foundation for my passion.  After high school, I traveled from the mitten to little Rhody to attend Johnson and Wales University to study Baking and Pastry Arts.  Upon completing my associates degree, I moved back to the mitten.  This time in Grand Rapids, I attended Grand Rapids Community College to receive my Culinary Management degree from their outstanding Secchia Insitute for Culinary Education.  I have recently earned my Certified Dietary Managers Associates Degree from Ferris State University and I am currently working towards the completion of my Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management.

My passion is fueled by a desire to nourish people through the food I prepare.  Food is consistently a common thread that stitches all of humankind together.  Whether you’re a toddler trying carrots for the first time, or a newlywed couple preparing your first meal together, food is the center of our lives.  It’s what feeds us, sustains us, nourishes us, and connects us.  Many of us show our sympathy, love, and concern through meals.  Food is the key to thriving, not only surviving.

My passion for food and eating goes hand in hand with my other passion for travel.  I love exploring a new culture through food.  I have been extremely fortunate with the opportunities I have been given to explore many cultures.  A couple years ago, I was able to travel to Italy twice, once through a study away program through the SICE program, and the second to record the Cooking with Angus show.  On the show, Chef Angus Campbell, myself and a fellow student traveled to Italy and then to Scotland exploring the food and culture.  We just recently found out that we have been awarded a Michigan Emmy for our Mozzarella Episode!  Click on this link to see the shows! Cooking with Angus Show 

I also love spending time with family, adventures with my handsome husband, photography and of course, eating delicious food.  I hope to share some of my ideas on this blog to help inspire you, motivate you, or just make your tummy rumble.  Enjoy!

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